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Hi. I'm Twila Kaye.

Many coaches, consultants, and strategists offer one particular solution (a.k.a. their signature program).  Often it's what had worked for them in the past, or what they've been educated in, and now they want to teach it to others.

Problem is, there is no one "signature" solution.  If your approach, program, strategies, or tactics don't fit you or your client, neither one of you will get the results you want.

When I first opened my retail, brick-and-mortar gift basket store, I hired several different coaches and consultants to help me grow my business and keep me on track for success.  They were all great.  Each one of them had a specific system that would work for my type of business.

One and a half years, $250,000 (our life savings), and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy later, I realized there isn't one way, one system, or one process that works for certain types of businesses.  However, there are certain ways, processes, and systems that work for different types of people.

Once I figured out what would work for me, I revamped my business, took it online, and within one year became one of the largest wholesale manufacturers and drop shippers of a unique line of gift baskets in the nation.

It didn't take long and my customers wanted to learn how to do the same.  I knew that if they were going to have the same level - and even greater levels - of success, I had to figure out what would work for them.

Within three years, they accumulatively generated over $10 Million in revenue.

Not bad, huh?

As the expert, it's up to you to understand yourself and who you're working with so you can create strategies, processes, and systems that will get you both the results you're looking for.

Learn The C.O.D.E.

How we all Communicate, Operate, Deviate, & Excel-erate

Communication starts with understanding - ourselves and others.  For too long we've been talking, but we haven't been communicating.  You'll learn how to speak (verbally and non-verbally) to your clients so they achieve their very best.  As a bonus, you'll learn what others need to say to you to get you performing at your very best too!

Operate with ease by understanding the four driving core motives we all have and work by.  You'll be able to avoid false assumptions and know exactly what makes you and your clients tick.

Identify and anticipate where you and your clients Deviate. Know the activities and interactions that charge you both up, as well as the tasks or situations that burn you both out.

Know precisely how you both Excel-erate.  What your inherent strengths, characteristics, and values are compared to what you've both adopted along the way.

As you well know, every person is different.  Unique.  One of a kind.  But what you don't know, is there are common motives that drive our behaviors, habits, and mindsets.

Learn these and watch your business and success rate explode!

Endorsements for the Color CodeĀ®

“This helped me more than you’ll ever know. Now I know why I am the way I am.”   Lisa H. Glade, Director of Personnel & Training, Nordstrom

“It has now been over a year from the workshop and people are still talking about the experience and are still applying what they learned daily.”  Karen Cascaddan, RN, BSN, CNOR, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

“Staff morale has greatly improved and spontaneous functional teams are developing to work together towards common goals.”  Therese DeGroot, Chief Operating Officer, Share Our Selves

“[Our sales teams] are more comfortable with themselves, with the customers, and understand more about what closing a sale is all about.”  Marie Mosteller – Territory Training Coordinator,  JC Penney

“I am convinced that The Color Code method is an excellent tool for sales and should be employed in training all marketing personnel.”  R. Burr Dilday, Owner, Dilday Brothers

“The Color Code as very helpful in helping our staff better understand not only themselves and their co-workers, but also our patients.  It helped clear up some of the individual conflicts that can interfere with effective work efforts from the staff.”  Mary Jean Cuaycong, M.D., Premier Eye Care

Endorsements for Twila

"Twila is smart, creative, passionate, and a fabulous resource for growing your business.  I highly recommend her."   Tim Shurr, MA,

"Twila has shown us how to grow our business in ways we just couldn't do on our own.  She's the real deal!"  Meagan & Simon Blanco, MEGA Marketing & Event Solutions

"Twila is an amazing coach and mentor.  Her expertise in business and personal development is extremely valuable."  Della Wicklund, HAND Senior Living

"Twila brings her innovative marketing mind with her contagious, engaging personality to everything she does.  Her entrepreneurial experiences provide a valuable framework of insight."  Carol Thompson, Success Coach at Fired Up and Fabulous

"Twila is very adept at problem solving, is very diligent, and resourceful in reaching a positive outcome.  I consider her my go-to-person when I need an expert opinion."  Jennifer Keener-Huie, Department of Veterans Affairs

"Working with Twila on various events and networking projects has been a delight.  She is professional, creative, and inspiring.  I look forward to many more opportunities to work with Twila in the future."  Lisa Gapen, Generate Sales & Marketing Solutions

What's the Secret for Real Business Growth?

YOU!  You are the secret for real business growth. Knowing where you excel and where you fail is vital to your company's success.  Take your complimentary Color Code® Personality Assessment to gain a deeper understanding of what gets in your way.  Take the quiz today!

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