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You're the Entrepreneur, the Business Owner...

You have a vision for where you want your business and your profits to be.  Yet, something is amiss and you're not quite sure what "IT" is.

You're working hard, but don't seem to be moving any closer to achieving the level of success you're looking for.  (Does "spinning your wheels" resonate with you?)

Perhaps you need a clearer direction.  An honest vision that's aligned with who you are and what you're truly looking to achieve.  A structured plan that will work for YOU (and anyone you bring on as your team).  Where you'll wake up every day knowing exactly what you need to do to move the needle forward, with long-term strategies that ensure growth at every milestone.

Let's chat!  We'd love to help you breakthrough and experience ultimate success.

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You're the CEO, the Company Leader...

Your vision, plan and strategies seem to be on the right track, yet something else isn't.  As the company leader, you're not even quite sure what "IT" is.

Perhaps you're thinking it's your sales, your marketing, or maybe even your customer service.  (Here's a hint... it's probably not any of those.)

Your people are your greatest asset.  Your greatest strength.  And yes, your greatest weakness.  Whether you have an in-house team or are managing out-sourced contractors, communication, cohesion, and teamwork are what truly make the dream work.

Truthbomb... A company that's working in silos isn't working at all.  On the other hand, a company that puts its time, money, and focus on its people (along with its processes)... WILL!

Let's chat so we can help you implement the right growth strategies while designing a culture that not only keeps your people happy, but makes sure they're performing at their maximum potential as well.

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Why Twila?

Many coaches, consultants, and strategists offer one particular solution for growth - often it's what had worked for them in the past (or what they've been educated in), and now they want to teach it to others.

However, if the strategy doesn't fit the business owner, company leader, or their team, then it can actually work against them.

Twila has a unique, complex understanding of People and Processes - particularly how they work for or against the growth of your business.

This allows her to give you - as the business owner or CEO - the clear direction you need, customized strategies you want, and the cohesive collaboration to make it happen.

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What's the Secret for Real Business Growth?

YOU!  You are the secret for real business growth. Knowing where you excel and where you fail is vital to your company's success.  Take your complimentary Color Code® Personality Assessment to gain a deeper understanding of what gets in your way.  Take the quiz today!

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"Twila, I know if there's anyone who can help me build my empire, it's you! Thank you for helping me be the pilot of my plane. I'm excited to see where I go from here!"

Logan Gerritz
Broker, Logan Gerritz Realty - a Roundstone Properties Company

"Twila is an amazing coach and mentor. Her expertise in business and personal development is extremely valuable. Twila has helped me through many challenges in my business and she is always available to guide and support. I highly recommend her services."

Della Wicklund
Learning and Development Manager, NEVADA HAND

"As a facilitator, Twila is dynamic and engaging. As a coach, she is compelling and spot on. Her students rated her as one of the top instructors in the SPARK 11-week entrepreneurial program. They were right!"

Martha Smith
Project Director, WEI SPARK Program - Saint Mary's College/Notre Dame


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