10 Truths To Grow Your Business


To hear some people talk, achieving that mythical “six, seven, eight-figure business” level is an exercise in frustration and futility.  Especially if you’re just starting your business or in that survive to thrive period.

Truth bomb #1: Those people talking are the ones who are working 80 hours per week, stressed because they’re barely making it, and quickly losing their motivation.  I call them the “If Onlys”.

 You’ll often hear them say:

  • “If only I could find the right customers…”
  • “If only I could keep them and get them to buy from me always”
  • “If only I could make more money”

Truth bomb #2: Being one of the “If Onlys” can help you grow your business, but only if you know how to solve each problem.

Truth bomb #3:  There’s a simple, proven method to attract the right customers, keep them buying from you always, and create an abundant flow of...

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5 Most Effective Ways To Create Passive Income In Your Business


It might just be the number one complaint of coaches, consultants, and service providers: trading time for money.

Of course you love your clients.  You enjoy helping them solve their biggest problems and watching them succeed.  You genuinely like the work you do, whether it’s helping out with a technical glitch, or talking a client through a tough mindset issue.

But no matter how much you love your chosen field and those you worth with, two things are holding you back:

  • You – just like everyone – have limited hours available
  • If you aren’t working, you aren’t earning money

By definition, these two limitations put a cap on your earning potential.  And, while you may not want for anything, you still can’t make the impact you want to make; simply because you’re lacking in either time or money.

If you’re working all the time, then you have precious little time to…

  • Volunteer and give back to your community
  • ...
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Why Your Digital Footprint Matters and How To Make It Your Legacy


Picture your funeral.  The day when close family, friends, colleagues, and people you’ve touched gather to celebrate the person you were and the life you created.  Hold that thought in your mind.

What if there were no personal eulogy given?  What if no one stood at the podium to tell your life story?  Who you were, what you stood for, and how you impacted them?

Instead, what if only your social media posts were shared?  Your Facebook Timeline, Instagram page, Snapchats, Tweets, etc.  What if all people had to remember you by was your social media activity?  The things you shared, liked or emotionally indicated by way of emoji, and commented on.  The images, memes, stories, snaps, rants, raves, opinions, questions, discussions, etc. you created.

What would your legacy be then? 


Many scientific studies and independent surveys weigh in on the negative impact social media is having on us. ...

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Why Building Your Empire Matters

entrepreurship growth Oct 03, 2017

As I prepare to head to Denver, Colorado to speak at eWomen Network (Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs), I’m reevaluating what “Building Your Empire” means for you as a woman entrepreneur, small business owner, or CEO.  And, as importantly why you should care.

There’s a heightened wave in rallying women to the call of becoming millionaires.  While I have no beef whatsoever with the principle of this, I do have minor discord with the way it’s being played out.  Quite frankly, it’s why I founded the Woman Up Global Movement.

In her article, “Gender Marketing: He Brain vs. She Brain,” my friend and colleague Tamara McCleary reminds us of why women are being summoned to become millionaires in the first place.


In more than 42% of U.S. households with children under 18.5, women are the sole breadwinners.  This number has significantly increased since 1967 when less than 10% of...

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5 Ways To Ensure Your Workspace Fires Up Your Energy And Results


As an entrepreneur who feels stuck, lacking in abundance, isolated, and unsupported, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning excited to face the day?  Energized to get to work and be the badass you know you are?  Fired up to sit at your desk and take on the world?

Your surroundings have much to do with your energy and your results.  When I got this, and I mean really got this… everything changed.  Passion, purpose, exhilaration, urgency, commitment all came into play on a regular basis.  After a much needed home office makeover, my feet hit the ground running every day.

Yours can too!  Here are a few ways you can turn your lackluster home office into a workspace that fires up your energy and results:

Bring In The Wood Energy

When you find it difficult to focus, make decisions, or merely get things done, you may need more wood energy in your space.  According to Feng Shui principles, the wood element influences your...

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Why You Won't Make $1 Million In 3 Days: Waging War On 'Get Rich Quick' Schemes

business growth Sep 20, 2017

Since the 1970's, when MLM's became mainstream, we've been searching for that 'get rich quick' solution.  We want to open our business and (POOF) be an overnight success.  After all, isn't that the American way?

Truth Bomb #1:  Success can happen overnight... 5 years AFTER you've worked your butt off for it!

Did you get that?  AFTER you've worked hard and long for it.

For years my clients have asked me for the easy way.  The simple way.  The way that they can press a button and voila! money will be in their back account.

Truth Bomb #2:  Money doesn't magically appear.

Sure, you can launch a sales funnel or ad campaign.  People will opt in.  Some will even buy.  And, if you've put the time and effort in to actually positioning yourself just right, money will magically appear.

Did you get that?  Money magically appears AFTER you've positioned yourself and people know, like, try, and trust you.

Look, don't...

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How Independent Agents & Professionals Can Use The Internet To Build Your Business (Even When Your Company Doesn't Want You To)


Financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, network marketers, and all of you other independent professionals, listen up.  I know your companies are hell bent on you NOT using the internet to build your business.  It's not their fault.

They're merely following the rules and regulations from the SEC and FTC.

So how do you, as an Independent, use the internet to build your business?  Glad you asked.  It's actually a question I get asked all the time in my "MILLION-aire MAP™" training.

Obviously you can't launch a sales funnel, run a Facebook ad or even create your own blog and social media posts to attract your ideal customers.  But, you can...

Share your company's content.  Most companies that have independent professionals have social media pages and blogs.  Share them!  Share their posts along with your own caption.  Don't make it a sales pitch, just share and add your own thoughts,...

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10 Important Reasons Why You Need A Coach To Grow Your Business (A Personal Tell-All)

business coaching growth Sep 05, 2017

For years I've struggled with staying focused and on task.  "Squirrel Syndrome" as my coach calls it.  What it causes is a severe lack of inconsistency.  Inconsistency that costs me clients and income.

When I talked to my coach about it, she pointed out the all too obvious.  I'm not being my own client!  I was inconsistent with my list building,  had a very inconsistent social media presence, and was even inconsistent following up with hot leads.  Hot leads!  Not cold leads.  Hot!  People who said they wanted and needed coaching and were willing to pay for it.  People I didn't follow up with and someone else did.  (You can guess how that turned out.) 

It's a business building rule I preach and preach to my own clients, but didn't abide by myself.

Do you do that too?  Tell your clients to do things you don't do yourself?  Or better yet, preach consistency when you yourself don't have any?


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