3 Mistakes That Ruin The Weekend With Your Spouse and How To Avoid It


A parable of wisdom for those married to women entrepreneurs...

It’s 5:20pm and the day has gone off without a hitch.  Bosses were happy.  Staff were happy.  Even the UPS driver had an unusual pep in his step.  You leave with a smile on your face, taking in a deep breath of calm before getting on the Red Line home.

On the train there are people laughing.  Strangers striking up conversations.  Couples enjoying each other’s company.  You sink into your seat, put your earbuds in and enjoy a mix of Drake, Bon Jovi, and Florida Georgia Line.  Without a care in the world, you’re looking forward to walking through the door and enjoying a peaceful weekend together.

When you get there, you can feel the tension in the air.  In the kitchen stands your mate and the look on her face says it all…it’s going to be a rough night.

Instead of the joyful greeting you’ve been anticipating, you stiffen your posture...

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5 Steps To Making Your Marriage A Priority Over Your Business

Photo Credit: Rudy Ximenez, RSX Studios


“Ahhhh…. a whole week off, what shall we do?”  Said NO start up entrepreneur EVER!!

When you’re growing your business, time off is an anomaly.  Something other people get in a galaxy far, far, away.  Not you here in get-up-at-5am-and-work-your-butt-off-until-you-can’t-anymore land.

But it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be that way…

For three years my husband and I owned and operated an online manufacturing and wholesale drop shipping gift basket business.  Time off for anything, much less a week’s vacation, was unheard of.  When other people were taking time off to gather at their table with family and friends for Thanksgiving and around the tree for Christmas, we were in our shop working our tails off!

October through December were our busiest months.  Then, when we grew to providing product lines for 166 other online retailers and big box brands,...

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