5 Ways To Ensure Your Workspace Fires Up Your Energy And Results


As an entrepreneur who feels stuck, lacking in abundance, isolated, and unsupported, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning excited to face the day?  Energized to get to work and be the badass you know you are?  Fired up to sit at your desk and take on the world?

Your surroundings have much to do with your energy and your results.  When I got this, and I mean really got this… everything changed.  Passion, purpose, exhilaration, urgency, commitment all came into play on a regular basis.  After a much needed home office makeover, my feet hit the ground running every day.

Yours can too!  Here are a few ways you can turn your lackluster home office into a workspace that fires up your energy and results:

Bring In The Wood Energy

When you find it difficult to focus, make decisions, or merely get things done, you may need more wood energy in your space.  According to Feng Shui principles, the wood element influences your personal growth, creativity and ability to expand in new directions.  It inspires action, which is exactly what needs to be taken every moment as an entrepreneur.

To bring the wood element in, consider how you’re using wood furniture, plants, flowers, trees, and natural fabrics such as cotton and wool in your space.  Utilize more blues and greens as accent colors.

Be careful though, too much wood energy can work in the opposite.  As with anything, balance is always a good rule of thumb.

Place Your Desk In The Command Position

You’ll be surprised by how simply moving your desk will move the needle in your business.  For the longest time I felt unsure, isolated, unsupported, and blocked as an entrepreneur.

After sharing this with my Confident Image Coach (who happens to be a licensed Feng Shui expert), she came into my office and immediately advised me to move my desk.

Having my desk against a window that was looking directly into a fence was causing me to remain blocked and riddled with obstacles.  My back turned to the open space and doorway caused me feelings of lack of support and uncertainty.  The desk cramped between bookcases and away from everything else in the room gave way to feelings of isolation.  One simple change made all the difference.

Placing your desk in the command position will not only change your attitude, it will also change your altitude.

Hang A Beautifully Framed Mirror

Often referred to as “the aspirin of feng shui,” mirrors are the most popular (and powerful) way to cure bad juju.  They bring the energy of quality, expansion, refreshment, and calm.  What entrepreneur doesn’t need all of that in their daily lives?

When you feel lack or scarcity, a round mirror in a gold leaf frame can bring wealth and abundance cure, especially when placed in the money area of your space.  Also, placing a mirror to reflect a needing area of your life – East for health and family, Southeast for wealth and abundance, or North for career and path in life – will promote growth and renewal in that specific area.

Who knew a beautifully framed mirror could do so much?

Do More Than Make It Smell Good

Essential oils are the life force of a plant (a.k.a. its Chi).  That means they can also be the Chi of your business.  There are several ways you can use the power of essential oils in your home office to create the energy and results you need and want.

First, ask the advice of an essential oils expert or consult a book to find the right blend of essential oils and correct dosage.  Young Living Essential Oils are my favorite, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other brands that will give you the same benefit.

Second, use them in multiple ways.  Diffuse them, burn them in candles or incense, mix them in your lotions, creams, and hair care products.  You can also switch your office cleaning products with Thieves and distilled water.  It’s a natural way to purify your workspace and create a sense of peace and security.

Do more than make your home office smell good, consider using essential oils to enhance your success.

Get Organized

Okay all of you creatives out there, I know this is a difficult one for you, but getting organized will save you time,  money, and energy.  Three of the top things you want and need as a go-getter entrepreneur.

There’s no greater feeling than to check off your to do’s and put away the incomplete before turning off your desk lamp and calling it a night.

Clearing your desk as well as your entire workspace of clutter and unnecessary items will move the needle bigger than anything in your business.  (I say this from personal experience.)

When you have old business and too many things hanging around, it’s no wonder you can’t find the oomph to tackle your day.  Nothing new, of sizeable measure, or deserving can come in because your space is all take up by “stuff!"

Clear the clutter, get organized, and watch your business grow.

Hopefully these simple, energy-shifting tips help.  Come on over to my Facebook page and share your tips for creating passion, purpose, exhilaration, urgency, and commitment in your work space.

Until then, I wish you love, light, and success…



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