Why You Won't Make $1 Million In 3 Days: Waging War On 'Get Rich Quick' Schemes

business growth Sep 20, 2017

Since the 1970's, when MLM's became mainstream, we've been searching for that 'get rich quick' solution.  We want to open our business and (POOF) be an overnight success.  After all, isn't that the American way?

Truth Bomb #1:  Success can happen overnight... 5 years AFTER you've worked your butt off for it!

Did you get that?  AFTER you've worked hard and long for it.

For years my clients have asked me for the easy way.  The simple way.  The way that they can press a button and voila! money will be in their back account.

Truth Bomb #2:  Money doesn't magically appear.

Sure, you can launch a sales funnel or ad campaign.  People will opt in.  Some will even buy.  And, if you've put the time and effort in to actually positioning yourself just right, money will magically appear.

Did you get that?  Money magically appears AFTER you've positioned yourself and people know, like, try, and trust you.

Look, don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that you can't get rich.  In fact, I'm saying just the opposite.  You CAN get rich.  Just not quick.  Anyone who tells you that you can is sorely mistaken.

We seem to have lost the work ethic that our ancestors knew and understood so well.  Somehow, someway we've shifted into this nomads land of turn on a laptop, put something out there, and money will magically appear.

Stop it!!

Truth Bomb #3:  Even when you become rich, it doesn't mean you have money.

I remember sitting in our attorney's office after my ex-husband passed away and his new wife wanted to sue my daughter for her inheritance.  Inheritance, by the way, I also worked my butt off accumulating for her.  Her step mom's argument was that her salary of $200,000 wasn't enough to keep her in the same lifestyle she had been accustomed.

To me (at that time) $200,000 a year in income was RICH!  Why did she want another $500,000 from my daughter?  Our attorney went on to explain, it's all relative.  Even though my salary at the time was  a third of hers, if I lost half of that it would financially ruin me.  Same went for her.  When my ex passed, she only had half the salary coming in she had been used to.  Even though, in my eyes (at that time) she was rich, to her she was going to be broke.  It's all relative.

I'm on a mission.  A mission to bring back honest, real, hard work.  Grit.  Hustle.  Grass roots business building.  The kind of business building that does make you RICH.  It just won't be quick.

Will you join me?

I work with entrepreneurs who are serious about building their business.  Who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the work to make it happen.  If that's you and you're ready to jump in apply here for your Kick Ass-Take Names Strategy Session.

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Until the next time...  I wish you love, light, and success...




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