Meet Twila...

"I used to think that building an empire meant making millions of dollars.  It's so much more than that."


A born-and-raised quasi farm girl with not much more than an insatiable passion for people and life, I’m proud to have created a highly successful personal and business development company that touches thousands around the globe.

 Through our world-class training programs, riveting keynotes, and life-changing success coaching & consulting services, I help entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and top level executives just like you create greater life success, develop stronger and deeper connections, and build bigger, better, and more profitable businesses.


How Did It All Begin?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted nothing more than to help people achieve their highest possible level of success.

At the age of 4, I would gather all my sister and I’s stuffed animals and dolls in a circle and (with my chalkboard behind me) teach them what they needed to do to get everything they ever wanted.

Even though I recognized early on that ultimate success was dependent on what we did and how well we did it, I struggled achieving it for myself.


What Happened?

At the age of 9, I started my first business selling livestock to local butchers and corner grocery stores. Giving long, board-room style presentations and getting top dollar for my swine and sheep was a piece of cake.  Sticking with it proved to be the challenge.

At 13, I made my first debut as a professional singer on the famous Las Vegas Strip.  Entertaining huge audiences never bothered me.  The grueling work and sacrifice it took to be a star did.

At 17, I became a wife and mother.  Traveling for several years with a five-piece band, relating to thousands of complete strangers, and rubbing elbows with the Who’s Who of country music wasn’t anything. Living and getting along with a man, who I “triggered” nearly every day, was.  (Being responsible for another life took it to a whole other level.)

By 22, I was divorced, working a dead-end “day job”, and on the brink of losing my son.

Then came a new marriage, new career, and new baby.  By this time, I thought it would be a good idea to just settle in and see where life took us.

Thirteen years later, I was right back where I’d been before.  Divorced, jobless, homeless, broke, and broken.  Only this time I had two kids to worry about.


Then What? 

One day, as I was sitting at my desk in my corporate executive office, a man came to introduce himself (No… I didn’t marry him).  He was our top sales rep and apparently “God” sent him with a message just for me (Riiight!).  Long story short, he was right.

For one year I participated in the most intense, life-changing self-development programs on the planet.  For another year, helped facilitate them.

As God planned, I met the best man for me, married again, and moved across country to start over.  This time, with a lot more understanding about who I was, what I really wanted, and how to get it.

Within two years I quit my 20+ year career in real estate and opened my second business – a retail gift store.  Unfortunately, that didn’t last very long.  It was an epic fail and we nearly lost everything.  

Defeated yet determined, I couldn’t let this be how my story would end.

Within one year I revamped my business, took it online, and became one of the largest wholesale manufacturers and drop shippers of diabetic friendly, sugar-free gift baskets in the nation; providing a unique product line to 166 other online gift retailers and big box stores.  We had become so successful so fast that our clients were wanting to know how they could do it too.

For the next year, while my team focused on production and fulfillment, I unofficially coached and consulted a few of our clients; resulting in them generating over $10 Million in revenue.

Shortly thereafter, I received the coveted Entrepreneurial Excellence WOMAN IN BUSINESS CHAMPION Award.

St. Mary’s College/Notre Dame invited me to teach entrepreneurial development classes and mentor under-resourced, high potential women through their Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative SPARK Program.

It felt fabulous being back on top!  To be SUCCESSFUL.

One year later I sold my gift basket business and officially started coaching and consulting full time.


Lessons Learned?

Success isn’t just about what you do or how well you do it…

It’s also about YOU.  Knowing why you do the things you do and (more importantly) why you don’t do what you don’t do.


Now What?

The personal and professional success coaching and consulting we do has helped hundreds of people just like you achieve the results they want… in life, relationships, and business. 

Instead of focusing solely on your products, processes, and people, we’ll also focus on YOU.

Why?  Because it’s not just about your offerings.  Your sales or marketing.  Or, your customers and team.

It’s about what you’re creating for your life.  Your genuine happiness, fulfillment, and legacy.  Your relationship with yourself, your spouse or significant one, and others who matter most.

It’s also about how you’re getting in your own way – sabotaging your chances for ultimate success - and not having a clue as to why or how not to.  Something I’ve spent many years learning about, becoming certified in, and overcoming myself.

Bottom Line...



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